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Essentials of Clean Living

5 Mental Detox Strategies to Clean Your Mind 

Let's face it...making changes to your lifestyle can be extremely challenging. Wiith so much going on in your day-to-day life, it's often easier and more comfortable to keep things the way they are, even if that means sacrificing your health in the long run.

In today's society, many people turn to drugs (prescription and recreational) to help them cope with stress and change; however, this doesn't get to the root of the problem and the "medicine" itself can actually be harmful to your health.  

Going through a natural mental detox can help declutter your mind from negative thoughts, making room for new thought patterns and daily intentions that serve you better and protect your overall health and well being. 

The following practices can be used to support your committment to live a cleaner lifestyle. Take a look and give one or more of them a try to see if they work for you!


 “Whatever we are waiting for—peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance—it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart.”

—Sarah Ban Breathnach

One of the most effective ways of bringing about change in our lives is to demonstrate gratitude on a daily basis. Having an "attitude of gratitude" forces you to be optimistic, even during the most challenging times, helping you to achieve your goals.

The following practices, if done on a regular basis, can help you develop an attitude of gratitude:

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Log

Start each day with gratitude by keeping a list of things you are grateful for, excited about, or looking forward to. Make this an ongoing list that you can add to and reflect upon during meditation.

Guided Meditation

Gratitude Guided Meditation

Start or end your day with a guided meditation. Try this powerful 12-minute meditation entitled, "Guided Meditation for Growing Love and Gratitude for your Body" from a channel called The Mindful Movement. 

Gratitude Essential Oil

Gratitude Essential Oil

Gratitude essential oil is a blend of nine essential oils with an aroma that helps promote feelings of gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation, especially during mindful periods of reflection and meditation.  


You already know that listening to music can fill your body with positive energy and motivation. But did you know that listening to high vibrational frequency tones, also known as Solfeggio frequencies, can help promote various aspects of health within your body and mind?

There are six main solfeggio frequencies: 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz, and 963 HZ. The 417 Hz frequency, better known as the healing frequency, is especially beneficial for supporting the transition to a clean living lifestyle. 

417 hz Frequency Benefits

  • Removes negative behavior patterns

  • Initiates the start of new beginnings

  • Removes negative energy in the body

  • Can reverse and undo negative outcomes

  • High Frequency Music

    Similar to guided meditation videos, you can find many online sources for high vibration music for each of the frequency levels.  

    It's important to understand that frequency "music" is not like the songs you listen to from your favorite artist or band. There are no lyrics; instead, the one frequency tone is repeated continuously. It's best to just close your eyes and let your mind and consciousness absorb and experience the effect of the music.  

    You do not need headphones, but using them may enhance your experience. You can listen to frequency music anytime; however, it's especially useful to listen to it just before going to bed, as the tones have a calming effect on your body which promotes relaxation and can help you sleep.   

    The music videos linked below are from a YouTube channel called MEDITATIVE MIND. They have hundreds of frequency music videos featuring various vibrational frequencies. 

    The following titles are specific to the 417 Hz healing frequency, which I feel best supports the transition to a Clean Living lifestyle. Give them a try and see which one you like best!

    LET GO OF ALL NEGATIVE ENERGY BLOCKS | "Soul Searching" | Sacral Chakra Healing Music

    CLEANSES OUT ALL NEGATIVE ENERGY from BODY & HOME || Healing Music + Calming Ocean Sounds

    WIPE OUT NEGATIVE THOUGHTS & EMOTIONS 》Clear Negative Energy Blocks

    SEED of LIFE | Wipes out the Negative Energies | Heal Old Negative Blockages



    Our emotions are very closely tied to our sense of smell. Think about what happens when you smell an aroma and it instantly brings back a vivid memory that makes you feel a certain emotion. Sometimes the memory of the smell generates positive emotions, like happiness or love; other times the aroma brings up unpleasant emotions such as fear or anger. And we feel the emotions very much in the same way we did when the event or memory initially happened.  

    Due to the direct relationship between emotions and the olfactory center within the brain, essential oils can be useful in helping to “unlock” our stored memories and emotions, as well as promoting forgiveness and personal growth.  

    Young Living Feelings Kit

    Young Living Feelings Kit
  • Young Living's Feelings Kit is a collection of six essential oil blends that inspire feelings of emotional well-being when applied topically and inhaled or diffused. The individual oils, which can be purchased separately or as a collection, are listed below, along with their unique emotional healing properties. 

    Click on an individual oil below to view it in the product website or click on the BUTTON below the list of oils to order the Feelings Kit

  • Feelings Kit Protocol


    Nothing helps improve your state-of-mind better than getting a breath of fresh air! Connecting with nature reduces stress and can help boost energy levels. Here are a few simple ways to help you get connected with nature as well as your inner self:

    How to Connect with Nature

  • Take a walk, run, or hike

  • Treat yourself to fresh flowers

  • Step outside to watch the sunrise or sunset

  • Visit a sunflower field or topiary garden

  • Plan a camping trip (rent a cabin if you don't have a tent or camper)

  • Eat your lunch outdoors on warm days

  • Take a trip to the zoo


    Dancing (and physical activity in general) releases endorphins, also known as happy hormones, which reduce stress and make you feel happy and optimistic. It can boost your mood and vibrational frequency immediately, so if you're feeling tired or unmovitated, play one of your favorite songs and start dancing around the room! Of course, if you're at work, you may want to tone it down a bit or just dance in your chair (your call :-) 

    Need some suggestions? Start with one of the YouTube video links below:

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